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Increase your sales, find new customers and simplify your work-day

VetrikPRO is the only solution of its kind. We offer your business a complete solution that includes a CRM, simple customer communication, fully integrated payment solution, invoicing system, booking system, planning tools, digital video and chat service with your customers, simple journal keeping, and its own webshop with thousands of products ready to be sold directly. All with a simple overview of revenue, best-selling products, and the ability to sell subscriptions to your services to secure current revenue and higher customer loyalty.

The service is easily integrated with the company's existing system. Even those who do not have their own company can use the service via Vetrik's platform for freelance experts.

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Payment services

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Video care

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Web shop

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Via VetrikPRO, you have access to a complete payment solution. VetrikPAY lets your customers choose how they want to pay for your services.

With Vetrik, you can offer payment methods such as credit and debit cards, eWallets and invoice. Everything with an easy overview of cost and revenue. We take care of everything so you can focus on your customers.

Start your own digital clinic or business. Consult your clients via video or chat and simultaneously log. You have access to internal & external journals. Share relevant info quickly and smoothly directly with the pet owner.


Works just as well for everyone from vets to trainers. Taking care of animals is our customers' everyday life. With VetrikPRO, things are easier than ever.

Offer your customers more via your own webshop. You can add your own products and services and also choose from products from Vetrik partners. We take care of all payments and administration. Just choose your products and price and start selling.


Your customers can shop directly via your website or from the Vetrik app. Everything on your terms.


Are you a supplier or wholesaler to the animal industry or do you have your own product? You can post your products on VetrikMARKETPLACE free of charge and reach thousands of pet owners and also get access to all of our VetrikPRO customers' webshops.


Do you want to increase your sales and build the brand? Apply to join today.

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