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Velcome to Vetrik!

My name is Maria Åkesson and I write the blog for Vetrik. Over the years I have had both dog, cat and small animals at home and can not imagine a life without them. The blog is for you readers to get tips and advice about life with animals and also inspire to discover new things and solutions together. You can return here to the blog at least once a week for a moment of entertainment and to find out more, both about the industry and daily life with animals.


How to digitize everything related to your pet in a single App

Pet owners almost always want the best for their animals. But there are important things about your pet that tend to be forgotten. Now there is an app that solves the problem.

Are you one of those pet owners who spends more time on your pet than sorting your paperwork? Do you have difficulty keeping track of where you put your latest statement from the vet, did you even get anything? And that special food that now has to be bought, do you remember what the bag looked like?

The problem with loose papers and documents is that they become difficult to find Everyone can probably agree that paper can rustle. But can they mess up? Yes, you can mess with them and paper clutter is such a really unnecessary thing that can stress the day in a rather unpleasant way. Where did I put that paper? What if I cleaned it the last time I cleaned? Everyone probably has a really good place for their papers. Such a great place where you really should keep things that are prone to theft. A place that is impossible to find.

Everyone has different ways to sort Of course, there are very structured people, such as color-coding socks and having labels on the frozen food. But for many, it is also the case that there is no elaborate structure for how to even start sorting all the papers and receipts that appear over the years.

A very ordinary pet owner I could present myself as a very structured person. Feel free to buy small drawers that match the sofa cushions, tailored exactly to the place where they are to stand. Each thing in its place. Over the years, I have unfortunately realized that I am more interested in focusing on the actual saving and storage than the purpose I want to achieve. It should be easy to find. In my head, I know exactly, or yes, about what is in each box or folder.

When storage goes too far After a while, things start to take up space, new interests are added and storage is not enough. The piles grow, things move about and on those occasions when the idea of ​​cleaning and sorting strikes, then I simply buy a new box. I can always sort better another time. Time goes by and a "different time" is always just another time. Another day. Until the day when I really need that document, the receipt, the statement and realize that the image I had of myself as the super-orderly person I thought I was, should be more like a hamster in great need of help.

Events that cause important documents to be lost The last time I moved, I was prepared to throw everything away unnecessarily. But considering my hamster behavior, it turned out to be a lot to go through. Old documents from cats that were no longer alive, was there anything to save? In any case, I did not have the heart to throw them away, no matter how much I wanted to clean everything out to get as light a pack as possible. There was also nothing I wanted to unpack later. They simply had to end up in the storeroom and thought, as I usually do, that I would take that on another day. Honestly, I have even worse control over what was never unpacked in that move. Should there be a burglary or burn up, I have absolutely no idea what I should even miss. Not until I need it, of course. Sometimes, however, I get a jolt of energy and grab everything. Then nothing is certain. On the occasions when I clean, I go "all in". I wonder what I happened to throw away that I really should have saved?

The circle is complete Then I'm back in the old ways again. When I organize, I do it a little too well. Small boxes in larger boxes and boxes in fine stacks. Then it will be fine. This is where I wanted to come, that it's a lousy way to know where you put the stuff. You can never find anything anyway. No matter how nice it may be. That's too good. So when a new piece of paper shows up, the question is always where it should be. To stick to the plan. But I did it five years ago, and I'm so much wiser today.

Everyone is different Life may look more structured to you. For example, do you have a huge box with everything that is constantly flowing in? One that holds everything that fills the mailbox and inbox with information from the insurance company, courses and other things both fun and necessary. Where you know that everything exists, or at least, probably exists, if you search long enough? Great! If you're the one who keeps a close eye on everything you save, I can 't stick under the chair with me getting a little jealous. But do you remember that even the most sorted or unsorted item in the home can be lost. And forget to take with you above all. You may not have realized it was a hassle until now? Or just accepted the circumstances as part of everyday life.

The new digital platform that helps you sort Nowadays, there are a lot of digital solutions to the problem of various paper jams. For you. And since life should not be so unfair, there is now an app where you can also collect all the data you get about your animal. If you're a bit like me, you probably see the benefit of being able to have all your documents gathered in one place on your phone.

14 tips on things you can save in the app: Here are some tips and ideas on what can be organized and saved in the app in a very smooth and simple way.

  • Change of ownership

  • Pedigree

  • Insurance papers

  • Vaccination card

  • Chip number

  • Passport

  • Travel tocuments

  • Veterinary bookings

  • Veterinary statements

  • Awards from sports, exhibitions, competitions etc.

  • Purchase of animal feed and gadgets

  • Receipts

  • Contact information for e.g. dog sitters, breeders, experts etc.

  • Information about breeders


Brand newborn (the app) Even when you pick up your new friend, you are left with your hands full with certificates, receipts and other documents that belong to the animal. And in the name of honesty, they never end. In the future, you may also want to meet new people who share your interest in animals, remember places you have visited, or find something you want to visit. Or maybe have your own image gallery that can be unashamedly shown to others? And save these without hassle. The app, which will be launched very soon, is free and is called VetrikFRIENDS.

If you want information about when the app will be released, know more about Vetrik and get updates on the blog, register below.

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